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I play games, chances are so do you. Let's talk about it.
Aug 20 '14
Props to Lootcrate for miraculously getting my favourite ninja turtle to me! =P Also this Groot Pop bobblehead is sick. His arm is glow in the dark!

Props to Lootcrate for miraculously getting my favourite ninja turtle to me! =P Also this Groot Pop bobblehead is sick. His arm is glow in the dark!

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Aug 18 '14

Went out and bought the Titanfall artbook, and man does it make me wish there was more to that game than a multiplayer suite. Like, there’s so much there that could be something, instead of just alluded to in a bunch of maps and otherwise never seen. Theres like, construction mechs, and crazy ass monsters and shit.


And then I bought another 5 artbooks coz why not?

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Aug 18 '14

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Aug 17 '14


I think we’ve finally hit the mid-year games lull, which means I may run out of things to review, but for the moment, let’s talk about one that I’ve been saving for just such an occasion. Let’s review Transistor!

Transistor art.jpg


Transistor starts with as Red, the player, kneels in front of a recently murdered man. In his chest, lies a glowing blue sword, known as the Transistor. The attack that has left this man dead has also left Red without a voice. Coincidentally, the Transistor is now able to speak, using it’s voice to tell Red to leave as soon as possible.

It soon becomes apparent that an A.I army known as The Process is overrunning the city of Cloudbank, and it’s up to Red and the Transistor to find out why, and how to stop it.

The story of Transistor is told in such a way that it leaves a decent amount open to interpretation. The rest is filled in via terminals in Cloudbank and character bios (more on that later).


The art style of Transistor is bright and colourful, and it’s cyberpunk setting gives it a striking look. It runs smoothly, and the enemy designs are very creepy and varied.

The soundtrack has a very distinct post-rock electronic feel to it, and the few tracks that have vocals are surprisingly soothing. The game’s voice acting is minimal, as only a few characters have a lot of dialogue. The Transistor itself speaks the most and has a very smooth tone. The use of one main voice in the game is much like Supergiant’s previous title, Bastion.


Presented in an Isometric view, players guide Red through various locations battling against the A.I. Army known as the Process. These battles take place in both real-time and a planning mode where time is stopped, referred to as “Turn()”.

Through the course of the game, you unlock various Functions which, at their basic level work as your attacks. You’re able to map these to the face buttons, and they each have their own power and cooldown stats. They also take up more space on your “Turn()” bar, allowing you to fit only so many attacks in one attempt.

When not using a Function, you can equip it as a passive power up, or even as a boost to your active attacks. This adds a satisfying level of depth to the combat and customisation in the game, but you’re also encouraged to switch up your combinations to see what works best. More on that later.

Using the “Turn()” mechanic will freeze time, allowing you to plan out your movements and attacks as much as the action bar will allow. Distance moved will fill this up, and more powerful attacks will fill it faster.

When battling the Process, you not only have to destroy your opponents, but also collect their remains. If too much time elapses, they’ll respawn, and if left unchecked, the threat can build up quickly.


Transistor may not be the longest game, but it does offer a few things to keep you playing. Challenge maps are available in the hidden sanctuary, but there is alot of story information hidden behind the use of Functions. Functions are actually human souls/data that are absorbed by the transistor. You’re able to reveal more about them by using Functions in any of the three possible ways: as an active attack, a passive skill or an upgrade to your active moves.

Additionally, there is a new game+ option, which will raise the difficulty of the game, while allowing you to keep the majority of your power.


Transistor is a damn enjoyable game. It’s unique gameplay mix of real-time combat and planned strategy mixed with it’s striking visual style and interesting minimalist story. If you aren’t interested in finding out more about the story or new game +, there might not be enough here to be worth the price of admission. In short, it’s definitely unique, and I’d recommend checking it out!

Next week, I’ll probably be scraping the bottom of the barrel! I honestly don’t know what I might review, but let’s see, shall we?


Tophat Gamer

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Aug 16 '14

Ghost adventures at church! More dementors, a stalker ghost and a kitty cat! Hooray! But no, this game is just… not great.

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Aug 16 '14

Yo, who wants to see a blatant Dementor knock-off? Coz we got that. Come one, Come all, it’s the Let’s Play Date!

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Aug 15 '14

Oh dear.. the games at gamescom.. I’m not really a graphical power snob, but damn those are some fine looking games…

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Aug 14 '14

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Aug 14 '14
It’s scary how fucked up it all is
It’s even scarier that so many people outside of the States wouldn’t know it was happening because there’s literally nothing in the mainstream media or news. Literally all I’ve heard or seen is in social media. That’s fucked up.

It’s such a fucked situation, and it doesn’t make sense.

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Aug 14 '14

What the actual fuck is going on in Ferguson?

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